Outraged by injustice?
Become a resistant, join the CJL!

The Justice & Liberties For All Committee is a human rights and civil liberties organisation that specialises in tackling racism and repression in all of their forms.

The CJL was born out of the need to allow:

  • A transnational effort to radically protect human rights and civil liberties
  • The emergence of a solidarity platform for civil society in its pursuit of equity for all

The #CJL is blunt about its resistance strategy. We go the extra length to stand in the face of oppression. We conduct research and investigation, organise free popular education to empower communities and individuals, and engage in strategic litigation.

We have made the choice of being totally independent from any government, state institution or political party. This means that we financially rely on you to help us make this work sustainable.

Whatever amount you decide to share with us, it will directly fund:

  • Our research and investigations which are at the heart of our mobilisation campaigns, public awareness initiatives and citizen lobbying towards governments and international institutions.
  • Popular Education initiatives to help communities self organise and resist bigotry and state sponsored repression
  • Our resistance in courts through strategic litigation and class action on behalf of communities that are being targeted by discrimination, state violence or exclusion from society.

Last year we launched the Transatlantic Coordination Against Racism along with organisations in the US like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), CAGE UK and Defend The Right To Protest, which offers acts as an international platform of solidarity for our efforts in our respective countries and for the sake of developing a parallel diplomacy to protect human rights and civil liberties.