Let’s stop pretending the attempted coup is “unamerican” or a shocking surprise. Guest: Tory Russell, Movement For Blak Lives Organizer

Tory Russell on “Le Breakdown with Yasser Louati”

After Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill to contest Joe Biden’s election and left 5 people dead and an outraged political and media elites, questions remain on what this event reveals and what the aftermath would look like for America./media/c0d04bf531e6cdb99d6bcd4baf1a6a41Le Breakdown with Yasser Louati: “White Rage On Capitol Hill”

As it turned out the rioters were far from being unprepared, information suggest that there has been support at the highest of the state to allow the assault to take place. why didn’t the DC Police better prepare for it? How come the governor of Maryland Larry Hogan offered to send the National Guard but could not get the green light to do so? Why was the Secretary of Defense out of reach as people were trying to call him? What does this event mean for the american grassroots struggling against white supremacy and a hostile Democratic Party.

To answer these questions, Ferguson Organizer and Mouvement For Black Lives Co-founder Tory Russell joined the show to give his insight and analysis and to offer leads on what can be accomplished in the aftermath of the attempted coup.


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Yasser Louati 00:03
Break down. This is your host Yasser Louati. speaking to you from the Paris South Side Banlieues. We are dedicating this episode to the events that took place on Capitol Hill, namely the riots slash attempted coup, following Donald Trump’s refusal to admit his defeat in the presidential election of 2020. And, of course, what happened before that, which means, you know, the Donald Trump speech to prepare them for this assault. The second question we tried to deal with is, of course, what made this possible on such a short notice what made it possible for them to literally storm on Capitol Hill on Capitol Hill and without, with almost no police protection, and several accounts showed that the DC police refused the support from the governor of Maryland, who had the troops on head on hand, excuse me, ready to be deployed, and of course, the aftermath of this Riot on Capitol Hill. For this, of course, I’m welcoming back, Toby Russell, historic activist from St. Louis, among the first co founders of the Black Lives Matter movement out of the killing of Mike Brown, and today co founder of the movement for black lives. He’s also the head of the International black freedom Alliance, and of course, a staunch critic of American exceptionalism, and a staunch internationalist when it comes to struggles against white supremacy, and capitalism. So Russell, welcome again to the breakdown.

Thanks for having me. Crazy time.

Yasser Louati 01:40
As it comes, indeed, and I’m gonna ask you straight up, how was your reaction when you saw the first pictures of these white supremacists marching on Capitol Hill? Without much resistance from the police?

Another day in America, you know, it was white supremacy on display. You know, I have to, you know, you just think about you see on white people just walking, marching, yelling in the police face threatening down, and eventually, you know, going through the barricades, you know, you can’t just can’t help but wonder, like, just this summer, you know, we’ve, you know, people just protesting in DC, I’ll know, saying Capitol buildings, you know, I’ve been there protesting. I’ve been outside of there. I know, people when the white men and women went there just for around abortion and women’s rights. 600 people were arrested, they weren’t even allowed, you know, through the rotunda. So I guess it’s different if you if you’re a black person, or brown person protests in DC. And if you’re white man, you know, it’s talking about sovereign and white rights.

Yasser Louati 02:47
But is this comparison really welcome? When we know that this is how it is? You know, it’s not like, it did not happen before. It’s not like we have not seen white supremacists dealt with with kindness with respect. How many times did we see, you know, white rioter is being you know, given, you know, you know, bottles of water and Gatorade, I’m not going to name them. But for example, you know, when they stormed the Michigan Capitol, they will not call the terrorists and the very same day that they marched on Capitol Hill, they also marched on the Capitol in Kansas City, for example. And we had other people, you know, literally putting a guillotine on display in Arizona. So is it really the time to compare? Had they been black lives matter? activists, they would have been working with, you know, live ammunition, but when they are white, this is what we get? Or should we, once and for all, draw the conclusion that this is what America is that there is treatment for the white supremacist. And there is of course, repression for the rest. You know, we can of course for us, and we can name cointelpro, to this day, and the and the criminalization of black activists, the criminalization of Muslims, the criminalization of indigenous people, etc. And that’s why I’m kind of, I get uncomfortable when people try to say, Yeah, that’d be bill amateurism, it would have been different.

Yeah, I mean, I don’t think we do that, you know, to, to really, like try to capitalize, like, what is this? As a comparison, you know, I think, you know, when you poor and oppressed, you’re doing it to teach a history lesson. You know, the history of these colonies of these colonizing nation states, be in France be at the US. This is, you know, the tale of two colonies to tell the two nations and so what McCrone would say, how they welcome Muslims will be different from how a Muslim will tell the story, to their family and to their community. And I think for black people in America mob rule has always been the way that white people mobilize, to recorrect America be an 1812 b after restriction era, be it a criticism to Dr. King in a peaceful marches in the 60s for the civil rights movement, why people get angry, why people organize themselves in ways very quickly. We seem, you know, how quickly that we’re ready to mobilize, and they always have an advocate in the White House. And so when President Trump saying in the presidential debates to the proud boys and other white nationalists to stand back and stand by, they did just that, and I guess January 6, was the day that they could come out their caves and do what white people do.

Yasser Louati 05:48
What is your take, when you see many members of Congress and media pundits expressing the shock and horror before this display of, you know, outright white supremacy and white entitlement, you know, on Capitol Hill, and when you see media pundits acting as if was not predictable.

You know, you know, they aid in the baby in a coup in, you know, insurrection, you know, they be a Dana bash on CNN, um, you know, be it any other way supremacists. They are, you know, creating a narrative that this is just normal. And so, we are always saying that, you know, we have to create a new norm. And we can’t go back to anybody who’s normal, because anybody’s normal in the US society, has been the mistreatment of black people. And so you have the white, right, being, you know, Josh Holley attend, who’s saying, they won’t, you know, throw away the protesters or the terrorists who showed up to Capitol Hill. They, they, they want to carry that mantle. But you also have modern racing, you have centuries, you have Joe Biden saying, we need to go back to normal. So everybody’s talking about normal where black people can be abused, could be disenfranchised, and can be killed for doing the same things, and anybody else who exercise today, you know, quote unquote, constitutional rights. That’s normal, we don’t alone. And that’s not a fight day, I think black people, brown people in the press people in this country and all around the world to take up a mantle of really push. You know, we don’t have that, you know, to say, to be frank, we don’t have someone we don’t have diehards, Public Advocates on the left, you know, Bernie Sanders, my talk about $2,000 checks, you know, for stimulus packages, but he won’t talk about the police head on saying that they are, you know, failing institution that needs to be funded. AOC, and the squad want to do that same thing. They may have critiques of it, but they’re also gonna go around to Nancy Pelosi and other people. So what we have to be steadfast and being the left, being pro pro progressive politics, and not get caught up in, like you said, a false dichotomy of us in them. When it’s always been to Americans, and always gonna be a lesson

Yasser Louati 08:19
there. Yeah, but this time, there is clearly an open confrontation that maybe for our generation, we have not seen, and I’m going to read to you. I mean, there was this Facebook post that has been, you know, going around on social media even went viral, that actually may answer the question. Are we facing a dysfunctioning? Or a some kind of, you know, sand, you know, in the in the machine of American democracy, or are we talking about an outright conspiracy? There is this person called the Courtney craft, who says he’s a DC police officer, and who commented about 12 hours ago, and I’m gonna quote him, and I’m gonna have you then, you know, jump on this story. So I came back to Facebook for the very reason I left. Yesterday is a terrorist attack to the on the Capitol Hill building was shameful. I will say this from firsthand knowledge. I looked evil in its face for 14 hours. The narrative that keeps coming up, is that somehow and Tifa infiltrated the mega group or the Trump supporters. And that’s true. That’s what has been being carried by Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham on Fox News. I continue. I will say that is a lie. The people who showed up yesterday were off duty police officers. I will say that is a lie. The people who showed up yeah Today, we’re off duty police officers from all over the country. They were military members. They were teachers, students, people from every walk of life. And they did exactly what they planned to do. And they get the results that we all expected them to have. They virtually went unpunished. When I stopped there, the results of that five people died a police officer as well. We haven’t seen as many arrests as during the Briana Taylor marches. How do you react when you see a police officer himself? Of course, I have not had the time to kind of you know, investigate who he really is. But that has been shared, among others by Shaun King, to name to name one of them. How do you react when you see these?

I mean, I’m not. I’m not shocked. I couldn’t be shocked. You know, um, you know, we protested here in Fargo. You know, there were white people. White officers with tattoos, white supremacist tattoos, that link county officers in Philadelphia, are now covering up their tattoos or wearing long sleeves in the middle. If someone’s just totally not exposed. We will be we’ll be some fools if we wouldn’t believe that white supremacy is not intrinsically in every part of society. Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights attorney who became Supreme, the first black Supreme Court Justice in the history of America, say that the white supremacists have traded in a white robes for Black Swans, meaning that the white supremacy has now become judges. And so we’ve always known this, that white supremacists are not, you know, you know, they want to make white supremacism. The mainstream media wants to make white supremacists, some you know, country, dumb hillbilly, who live somewhere off to has no, you know, strong social, economic or political base. That’s not true. That clearly on our officers to judges store on this teaches we even had a college football coach come out and salute him and he lost his job over it. But how many years has been cultured 20 years of being a white supremacist and a racist. And so this is the history of America that white supremacists are in every part because it’s sewn into the fabric of America.

Yasser Louati 12:37
You know, it’s I mean, I’m gonna, you know, just read the Nazi lines of of her quote, they had the audacity to show their badges and show their ID cards. They weren’t trying to hide who they were, because they knew nothing will happen to them.

White supremacy badge, you know, it’s like white privilege card. You know, maybe they use it at Sam’s Club. I don’t know.

Yasser Louati 13:02
Even so, you know, those are rioters taking pictures with police officers. And even more shocking, we saw police officers opening the gates like the barricades for them. So now you really ask yourself. I mean, like the DC police could not have not known about it. I don’t believe that people in DC said, hotels were already booked. Donald Trump made his speech, you know, what dropped from, you know, in parachutes. They had to drive, they had to show up, they had to gather, and the governor of Maryland was proposing his head and his secretary of defense, according to what I’ve been able to gather know, firsthand is, he went he went AWOL. He was nowhere to be found, even though larry hogan was saying, We’ve got to I’m just waiting for the green light to send the National Guard.

You know, I mean, if they are part of the Democratic Party, then you know, most likely they’re part of the rigging process. And so like, you know, your earlier point is, you know, the comparisons start and stop and how the police or how law enforcement or how the government responds, but we do have to have a historical, international, you know, classification for this. If this was any other country, that after a legal verified election was going on, that we were changing a pendulum from one party to the next or one regime to the next. And people would go to the Capitol and try to overthrow it, we will call it what it is, is a coup. And not just regular coup, where are you talking about just you know, poor people or some other outsiders? We’re talking about a coup that can possibly go right up into the White House into the Pentagon. And so we talked about the Secretary of Defense could be involved. We talked about the head of the Capitol Police could be involved with we talked about elected officials and Terry Crews to mark Rubio’s and and all of these people, they could be involved. This could be a intricate network of white supremacist trying to go on and a last kind of plea of hope for white supremacy running amok.

Yasser Louati 15:17
I mean, even at the time of recording, I mean, like, we have eight Republicans who wouldn’t budge. And they still wouldn’t condemn the violence, despite what happened and five people being left dead. What kind of sense of entitlement Do you must you have to witness what’s been going on? With the, you can imagine how dramatic is going to be for the next year for four years to come? And you come and say, Well, I refuse to condemn this violence. What does it say about the republican party? Can we look into a possible split of the Republican Party an outright collapse? And, or, I might say that those eight individuals among whom we can name as you said earlier, Ted Cruz, they are positioning themselves as the people who will, you know, bear the torch and say, okay, after Trump, here we are as the people who are going to carry this struggle forward. How do you see that?

I mean, the split between the right wing of the Republican Party is already happening. Maybe it’s the knee jerk emotional reaction, that was led by somebody who eventually took that anger, and formulated the Tea Party. So the Tea Party is a subset of the fascists or the super conservatives, to an unabashed and overtly racist Republican Party. So that split exist. I think, also, we have to not only look at the Josh holidays, which is the senator of the state of Missouri, where I reside, but the democrats if the democrats do not expel suspicion or silence, the senators and House Republicans, for not distant violent violence in a, you know, a coup den is showing the complacency on both parties. You know, this is not a, you know, this is not Bill Clinton, having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, this ain’t that this is people saying we don’t care about you voting. We don’t care about laws, we don’t care about the Constitution. What we care about is white power, and white supremacy. And so I think we ought to see not only on the right, but we need to see, clarity on the left, we need political formations, political parties and things. If there’s no philosophy, or no strategy to take over the Democratic Party. Because as it stands, the squad is grown by two Jamal Bowden, and Cory Bush, six people out of 535 is not gonna cut it. And so what we have to do is do the poor something to the left of that, or to take the Democratic Party up? Yeah, but

Yasser Louati 18:11
between what is needed and what is being done. Go to see if you think there is, you know, a widening Gulf, especially with the pressing issues, posed George Floyd and now post Capitol Hill, you know, do you really think, I mean, I saw the criticism being, you know, aimed at, you know, AOC, for her, you know, no stopping short of voting for Nancy Pelosi, and then doing it. For us, I’m not gonna, you know, I don’t want to be a demagogue. And, you know, I haven’t spoken to her. So obviously, I’m not gonna, you know, start judging her nevertheless. Do you mean, like, Are there grounds to believe that people will either, you know, take over the democratic party or the and if they fail, you know, choose a different alternative?

Well, I mean, we’ve seen some of those tactics, with the Justice democrats and things. So,

Yasser Louati 19:06
I mean, it’s not like the Democratic Party is going to collapse, and is waiting for people to come and take it over, like, yours, you know, are still there. And they are not showing any sign of saying, okay, you know, this is the time for the youth to take over and better, you know, otherwise, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t have run for re election.

Well, you know, long live shake of air, you know, he said, you know, freedom is, you know, not something that’s just gonna fall into your lap, you know, it’s like an apple on a tree, you have to shake the tree, you have to make it fall. And so, you know, as black person, I’ve never had full freedom or freedom in this country ever. So I wouldn’t expect the democratic donors to just give us millions upon millions of dollars. I wouldn’t expect Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to step aside and allow AOC some more progress. So person to step in and lead the party, I would expect for poor, disenfranchised oppressed people to organize themselves in powerful ways. And if you know if ancestors and elders, you know, stay tuned in Bobby sila, the Black Panther Party said in the 1970s, we are not outnumbered, we are out organized. So we organize ourselves around a platform that can change, you know, minimum wage, and if we can get health care and universal health care, we can get free state institutions on State College and stuff like that, then we can talk about something but you know, you have a republican party who is the party for, you know, more police on, you know, anti abortion, no more women’s rights, anti LGBTQ and hateful black people. And the democrats is a Kumbaya outpouring. It used to be an anti abortion or pro abortion, Democrat, you can be for a minimum wage increase, you can be for none of that. You know, you could be from a border wall and be a Democrat. And so now we have to talk about what it means to have a real people’s labor platform and organize around that.

Yasser Louati 21:15
What’s your message to the broader grassroots across America, east to west? Today, as we saw the Republican Party, probably crushing? You know, you know, again, you know, it’s not like the Republican Party, you know, overwhelmingly like, you know, saying, Okay, enough is enough, if, of course, you know, they know, we ended up ratifying or confirming joe biden’s election, but what do you send as a message for people who are out there are like, Okay, what is this moment? Or how can we see this moment as an opportunity to push forward a better agenda for social justice, and to make gains that we haven’t been able to make for years?

Well, you know, the bully on the international playground is limping. You know, got twisted ankle, so now’s the time to go beat the bully up. You wouldn’t be able to beat Thanos up without the Black Panthers coming in, at the end of the Avengers movie. And so now is the time for us to come together like Voltron. And really take this, this this empire out. And we have to restructure it to something that works for the masses of people. And so, you know, I don’t I don’t, I don’t take it lightly. I just see it as an opportunity to even the school. But are the different parts of

Yasser Louati 22:38
the Voltron you mentioned, willing to come together? Because we know how it is storage? Let’s not be demagogic about it. We know how the grassroots are. Its atomized, various agendas rivaling one another should have been able to have a common vision despite their differences. They are still walking in the same direction. It’s not the case of the grassroots working against racism, systemic racism, excuse me, police brutality, how do you bring these pieces together? Despite the toxic tradition of self promotion, celebrity activism, and trying to get a seat, you know, the Democratic Party, and I’m saying this, for knowing what’s happening in the US also in France, we have the same problems. And that’s why Yeah, we can conduct what’s happening in you know, national level with these, you know, parties on our side. We are, you know, go ahead.

Now, I mean, I just, you know, I feel like we played this game and the western Empire in the Western Hemisphere, where we don’t like populist, we don’t like and when I hear that, it’s like you don’t like charisma. Like you don’t like a Malcolm like when Malcolm says something, it do something to your spirit. And so you don’t want someone who can galvanize the masses of people that can move and motivate people that it can form people even entertain people with the information and so Bernie has done it on AOC does it Cory bush is now doing it. What we need is movement leaders, and people who can not only have that kind of rhetoric that excites debates, but moves the base, towards not a woman or a man but a player in a vision. And so I think that’s what we need to be aiming for. You know, big momma would tell me by hook or crook I gotta get it done, baby. So I don’t really care what pops out what the strategy is, or what the tactics is, as long as the tactics are based on the principle of people powered agendas and meeting the material conditions other people.

Yasser Louati 24:46
Your Business central is your historic activists out of Ferguson. You’ve made the headlines after organize in the aftermath of Mike Rob Mike Brown, you have confronted police brutality in the aftermath, you have confirmed wanted those two weirdos who put guns on you? I forgot the Mk McCloskey McCluskey, excuse me, you know, in front of their house while with an AR 15 and the wife with a gun. What do you send now as a message narrowly speaking to the St. Louis area, from the grassroots all the way to Corey bush. In the next few weeks, for example, for sure,

you know, I plan this to try to consolidate the energy and really use it as the force towards one thing. So since we see national politics are fragmented, we believe that local organizing is coal is cool is lit, it’s all of those things. But now we need to push towards a national agenda on which these things can get to the masses of people. Taking this piece by piece thing is not gonna work. And so what we saying is, now’s the time to push the Democratic Party. They have the house, you know, they have both Houses of Parliament, and they have the White House and so they have nothing to stop them from raising the minimum wage. But we have to consolidate those stakes. And so what I’ve been doing all week, even before the election results came in, it’s been talking to other leaders, other people like my son, other people like Tamika, Mallory, Latina, Dina, Tiffany, Dana Lofton, at the NAACP, so that we can consolidate these ideas and push forward towards one agenda. We don’t want to give by 100 things a 50 things, we say that we can keep them to five or 10 things. Let’s see what a Biden can do. In the next 100 days, if we talk about reparations, and we talk about jobs and justice, and we talk about housing and health care and education, let’s just put some very basic things on the table. And if they make excuses, then we’ll make the noise. And if they don’t, and if they do what we want them we show on what FDR was told labor organizers in the 1930s I believe that you have a great plan. Great agenda. Now make me do it. So now it’s time to make the politicians even Cory bush included, make them do it.

Yasser Louati 27:14
Are people like Cory bush receptive to this? For sure.

For sure, she’s been on board with some of these things. She’s been in conversation and some of these things. And so I think a Corey bush is, you know, to me, it’s not to, you know, pit people against each other, but ALCS are cool, you know, because they work, they do the working class thing, but also like my working class politicians in the street. And so Cory bush comes from out of protest comes from a lot of these meetings. And so these are the people that we should be lifting up. And these are the people that ALCS, Diana Presley’s and Cory bush should be all coming together, as well as local leaders across the country should be coming together for one national agenda that makes Black Lives actually matter to policy legislation, an agenda that works for the masses.

Yasser Louati 28:06
How do you see things evolving in the next couple of years in the aftermath of what happened? Do you think a Joe Biden presidency with no repair What happened? Or do you think the Joe Biden presidency will be highly challenged by this, but by trumpism, in across the nation, it’s not like they’re gonna leave him alone. Doctor may leave office, but he says he might also be around to make it impossible for to govern the same way American made it impossible for elected officials in Latin America, in Africa, in Asia, to care with their men their popular mandate and do the job they were elected to do. Wouldn’t Donald Trump play the role? America played across the global south meaning, making it impossible for duly elected officials to do the job they weren’t elected to do?

Yeah, I mean, I can’t, you know, you know, why some premises fascist, you know, Donald Trump’s to Steve Madison, where I can’t really be optimistic or even predicted that we know what they’re gonna do, they’re gonna be racist. They’re gonna try to make all the money, and they’re gonna, they’re gonna attempt to oppress the masses, I can’t really speak for Joe Biden or Obama and the centrist you know, because they’re gonna try to return to normal. What I can say is two things. One, what can happen now is that we return to a normal that led to, you know, that led to this last 67 years of American Empire imperialism, so we can’t lead back to the policies that killed Thompson Carla to kill Patrice Lumumba to kill Margaret Daffy that got sanctions on Ethiopian Somalia, so on and so forth, and we can return to the policies that allow, you know, colonial settler states and Palestine more Morocco. So what we have to get to a point is that we have to have a movement that stops the imperialism and colonialism globally. And we have to start wars. And we have to keep America to America’s borders. And we have to build a movement where everybody gets what they deserve. We can’t show nobody to push somebody away from the table. There may be millions of domains, all 1 million on the demand shouldn’t be met in a timely fashion. If not, you will see my parents, Josh Holley, Ted Cruz, or some other big red in the White House. Again, not a covert racist, but

Yasser Louati 30:40
over with rising poverty in the US with in a COVID-19 situation that has left over 300,000 people dead. The limits of institutions to properly function in during this pandemic, the fact that people do not have enough money to put food on the table, and that in Congress there are still debating on whether they should be bailing people out as they are starving and losing their jobs. We think they are receptive ears to make America withdrawal from his interventionism across the globe, and cut all this military aid to dictatorships across the Middle East, to contribute to occupying forces like Israel, and to put that money where it belongs, which means in the pockets and mouths of Americans.

Yeah, I mean, we talking about straight up in an embargo, sanctions and pet imperialist projects. So that means the ending of Africa. That means the ends of all embargoes on Cuba and Venezuela. And that means the ends of sanctions and East African countries. And so we have to, we have to be able to push for that. I think what happens is that we play this game of who America is hurting. And just because people in America can see the people around the world hurting. We think that America is better. And so we can’t, we can’t play that game. No more the wall has been pulled from people’s eyes, and we have to push. Now for local or national agenda, we have to give them a full international agenda. Because we are in an international Empire. It colonizes all kinds of places, it does some of the most heinous things and if it doesn’t do it, it funds or buddies up with dictators, be it from Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else in the world.

Yasser Louati 32:37
I’m gonna have you watch what the President of France has said, right after the Capitol Hill, riots are failed the coup, and please, I want to have your just, you know, your reaction standby. I just wanted to express our friendship and our faith

in the United States.

What happened today in Washington, DC is not America. Definitely.

We believe in the strength of our democracies, we believe

in the strength of American democracy.

Yasser Louati 33:15
Right. So what do you make of this?

You know, I was telling black, brown and yellow people of the world to watch out. It sounds like white supremacy or white nation states. Leading by by friends is making, you know all the right words, and it sounds like they are about to attack the weakness of America. I know it probably doesn’t sound like that. I know. It sounds like a hypocritical, kind of oath or kind of statement. But for me, I hear history. You know, I hear Churchill, I hear Hitler. I hear Stalin, I hear a white organization, white nation states, basically saying America is in turmoil. We don’t do that. But we as French are going to help you and others around the world to put in this one person, one vote, democracy will be coming to a third world country New Year. And so

Yasser Louati 34:21
that’s what I’m here. For me who was born and raised here and to see Emmanuel Macron speak of so highly of American democracy as if these events never took place before. As if America never intervened in foreign elections, to prevent people from seeing their elected president, ministers or whatever, do the job they were expected to do. I cannot help but think of how people have been a violently repressed under Emmanuel Macron that Emmanuel Macron was elected when the majority of people abstained from voting, which means over 50% of French voters did not go to vote on the presidential election. So no legitimacy. Does that give you say,

I’m sorry, you say what you say over 50% didn’t vote,

Yasser Louati 35:20
over 50% of French voters did not go to vote, they abstained, which Wow, you got elected by the majority of a minority. And that’s the problem with our constitution in France is that we don’t have a limit. So technically, if a 5% of the people go to vote, and you win the majority of those 5%, you are the president. And for him, who himself has cracked down on human rights and civil liberties for the past three years, that he’s been highly unpopular for repressing the yellow vest movement for him who has intervened in the Sahel region, for him who has not gonna say, been loyal to the French constitution, who is today, using Islamophobia as a gathering or a rallying cry, to bring French voters around him and scapegoat Muslims today, the same way Jews have been scapegoated in the past. It’s kind of your ask yourself, whether you are the twilight zone or not. And the fact that when you have Emanuel McComb, who has made a name for himself across the globe, as authoritarian, as a person who has dealt with regards to democracy, the rule of law, and has always been trying to go around the law to make his agenda legit. I think if I were American, I wouldn’t take it. I would welcome such a such a discourse. However,

I don’t I don’t think the movements were taken as that. I mean, I think the white power structure like the Biden’s of the world, and why liberals and centrist like a Macross stick, because you look at it from only, you know, surface value. We believe in democracy, one person, one vote, this is not how we and and we got to be clear what we mean. We don’t mean man, you name something when they say we are not talking about us. And so they would like a young, fresh democracy, they would like a democracy with the appearance of one person, one vote is the way about it. But as a Francophone as Mali, as any of those nation states on the friends, Ash Haiti, how the destabilizing of elections looks and what the aftermath look like. And so I hear it, I would like to see it out of McCrone. Forgive all the debt forgive all the debt to Haiti? You know, relinquished or Francophone allow African nations to keep their money in their own vaults and they own country. I don’t know that starts there. You know, don’t start with a speech and don’t you know, nice suit, though,

Yasser Louati 38:15
to end the show, Tory let’s say we, we witness, okay. by them coming into office, whether Trump is impeached or not. I mean, like, he’s got, what, like 1015 days left, not that it was really changed thing. Aside from a symbolic, you know, gesture, the aftermath of the failed coup. How do you see the next six months, you know, going on? Do you see Biden coming into office on the ashes of the Deep State? Or would you see the deep state actually being shattered by Biden after what happened on Capitol Hill, or you would see the state challenging by them because, again, the Capitol Hill events wouldn’t have never taken place would have never taken place. without some support from the deep state.

They will we see, we don’t see more why people do what they did on Capitol Hill, we have to be clear this year, around the mask. And in all these election things we’ve seen capitals across the US has been stormed already in 2020. And so what we’re gonna see is more of that, but I think what we’re gonna see as a more sophisticated, white supremacists began to organize the social, economic and political power and so we saw soft one. With the Tea Party, we may see the Republican Party become a tea party. Party, just true and true. on steroids, right. We might see the Josh Harley’s and the Ted Cruz’s and some kind of you know, because we have to adjust Standing Yes, Josh Holley represents a poor working class state like Missouri. But that’s a Yale graduate that taught in Europe. That’s not you know, that’s not one of those white boys who blue collar that’s a white collar racist. And so well, we don’t see a sophisticated you know, white supremacy? I know we not I doubt that we’re gonna see an outside inauguration for Joe Biden. Um, I think that’d be witnessing something. You know, you might be another JFK yesterday. We just got to be honest, because these white people, man, so what are we gonna see, I think is an internal battle between white people. My concern is how do black and brown people build agendas which we we optimize this opportunity. And we put the things that we always wanted in this nation to make them true. So, as I stand, America has never been a democracy. Black people have never had the full right to vote in this country and still don’t to this day. And those are the things that we should concentrate on in the lives of black people before they die before they become hash tags. And before they come headlines, we need to work on the policy for living black lives. reversal.

Yasser Louati 41:21
Thank you very much for coming on short notice and for giving us your insight on the latest events for sure. Appreciate Thanks for having me. Free


Yasser Louati 41:31
As for you, dear listeners and viewers, this is the end of our episode dedicated to the Capitol Hill riots slash attempted coup slash failed coup slash God knows what’s going to happen next. And we brace for the best when it comes to minorities in America that day hopefully don’t pay you know, the me the brunt of this you know madness called white supremacy. I thank you for listening and watching if you think this podcast deserves your support, please make a donation on cjl dot o n g. That’s Charlie Judith Lima dot ask our November golf slash donation. This of course will help us with the podcast sustainable of the long run and have a functioning team on the payroll. That’s it for today. Please stay safe. wear a mask and sing wash your hands. And please carry this record forward. This was Yasser coming to you from the Paris South Side.