• If you think you are safe from Islamophobia because you’re not Muslim, think again

“If you think you are safe from Islamophobia because you’re not Muslim remember one thing, Muslims today are the barometer of democracy and the rule of law in France.Take a look at what’s happening today in terms of violations and you will know exactly what is going to happen to you tomorrow and we saw it with the state of emergency, they began targeting Muslims then they went on to target union leaders, environmentalists, anarchists and many leftists. Why? Because leftists remained quiet while Muslims were being targeted.

Emmanuel Macron, when he says he wants to protect the interest of the nation, he’s the first one to jeopardise the national interest.How can you claim to fight terrorism against an enemy by dividing your own country?

I will quote to you the Minister of Interior Gerald Darmanin who had called for the raids of 51 organisations and individuals.After the raids he goes on radio or the media and says “we had nothing on those people, legally speaking, we are just sending a message”.So, here we are in the so-called country of human rights the Minister of Interior raiding people’s homes, TERRORISING CHILDREN, FAMILIES, ransacking homes in the name of “sending a message”.What kind of message are you sending? That Muslims don’t belong here?Now, they hide by saying we’re only tackling “radical Islam.” – Yes, so could you please define?Where do you put the limit between faith and ideology?They keep it as unclear as possible so that they could target any person.My definition from what I’m seeing is that “radical Islam” is any vocal Muslim, any Muslim they disagree with.

The same Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanin, who is himself being investigated for sexual harassment and rape, this is no joke, comes on television and says “I find it shocking that there are halal shelves in supermarkets.”You’re going to fight terrorism by prohibiting halal food? Why is my tax money subsidising their incompetence?France right now is reaching a crossroads, the repressive model of counter terrorism is a complete failure, the problem is that they applied radicalisation against Muslims alone but not against the far-right which felt empowered, and despite the far-right sending activists to the Ukraine to fight alongside Russia and get skills in… military skills to manufacture weapons, IEDs and get trained to kill and come back unquestioned, on top of it they set up camps throughout the country, it sent a message that white supremacy is okay and radicalisation coming from white people is okay, and today when we see this silence on what happened in Avignon the Organisation Generation Identitaire which is now being targeted.I was sent a screenshot of the telegram channel of Damien Rieu, the head of Generarion Identitaire and in the group a guy says “I’m going to attack a mosque and there won’t be two-three dead people” and a person intervenes and says “do not post that here” – he does not even say “don’t do it” just “don’t post it.”

The government remained quiet and did not call for the shutting down of Generation Identitaire despite Generation Identitaire having links with the terrorist who killed 60 people in Christchurch, New Zealand.The double standards are clear because Generation Identitaire is working in the footsteps of other far-right organisations that do the dirty work of the state.We saw Generation Identitaire chasing around immigrants crossing the Alps region, the Alps mountains and the Minister of the Interior saying nothing about it.Now when you have an organisation that takes the law into their own hands and becomes the outsourcers of state repression, do we live in a stateless country?The state remains quiet about it and the Minister of the Interior takes pictures with those guys and says how good they are, so of course there will be double standards in covering the barbaric Nice attack in a church and there will be some kind of guilty silence from the elites.
What Emmanuel Macron is sending is sending as a message for Muslims is that for Muslims there is one place you standby, watch and keep quiet. There is no opposition coming from you and if you ever oppose the publishing of the cartoons you will be labelled as a radical.Now, what is interesting about France again here is that freedom of expression means publishing cartoons it does not mean speaking truth to power, it does not mean protecting journalists who are being prosecuted under Emmanuel Macron and our freedom of speech is of course non-existent if it challenges power.Who sets the limits of freedom of expression? And I keep telling the French people and of course I’m blacklisted on French media, so much for freedom of speech right? – I can’t speak in my own country and I can speak to you in a foreign language, but in France, you have the freedom of speech if you attack the people who cannot talk back to you or portray you back or answer you, freedom of speech comes with responsibility and even Jacques Chirac the former president that we cannot call an “Islamo-leftists” said in an official statement as a president “freedom of expression yes it is a human right but it also comes with responsibility.” I have indeed the right to insult you in what you hold dear but as a responsible citizen I will not do it because I know it will offend you – so how come France can teach kids “we live together, united et cetera” and in schools they teach kids to insult their Muslim comrades and tell them “we are part of the same nation”?

In 2010 there was a photography contest and the winning photography was a man wiping his behind with the French flag. That photography caused a national hysteria “how could we do that to the French flag?” – The Minister of Interior even wanted to pass legislation to protect the French flag and the people who voted for that photography got fired and lost their jobs.What happened to freedom of speech?Siné (Maurice Sinet) was a member of Charlie Hebdo and got fired. Why? Because he made a cartoon about the son of Nicolas Sarkozy. The double standards here are quite obvious, France is in no position to lecture the rest of the world on human rights. Why? Look at all the human rights violations people encounter here. Being a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf you have a 1% chance of getting a job, one percent!What kind of country does that to human beings for a piece of cloth on their heads?

Can France literally stand and ackno in the UN or the OSCE and lecture the rest of the world on human rights?”